>> It Is Called Data Science. Check Out The Documentary 'The Great Hack' On Netflix!📱🗳️💁

Hello dear readers! In this presentation, you will hear how the US population was influenced online during the time leading up to the 2016 election. Surprisingly open, Alexander Nix former CEO of British company Cambridge Analytica gave us an insight on what is possible in regards to - allegedly - manipulating hundreds of thousands of people by using personal data. After watching this, in conclusion we would like to say: 'Thank you for your input or maybe not?' And if you now think - well that was recorded in Germany in 2017, we can only reply by saying, we are sharing this with you better late than never because what else are we gonna do on a weekend in isolation?! Also, there is a documentary out on Netflix called The Great Hack. This should be interesting and we are about to watch it! Oh, what a fun Sunday it has been so far. PS. Feel free to form your own opinion on this matter. 🙂

The Great Hack documentary - available on Netflix now!


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