Wednesday, 1 October 2014

>> Photography: Daytime To Nighttime In One Picture

Day To Night, Paris

Award winning photographer Steven Wilkes is already known for taking spectacular photos and creating beautiful fine art. His work has been featured in several magazines and exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Time for us, to catch up and report about Steven's latest project with the title: 'Day To Night'. 1 image that captures the atmosphere between sunrise and sunset.

Day To Night, Yosemite

Day To Night, Shanghai

His website explains the procedure he used, like this: 'The work embodies epic cityscapes with fleeting moments throughout the day to the night. A select group of images are then seamlessly blended into one photograph.' It also reveals, that photos are being taken from the same angle in a time span of 15 hours and one final image takes 1 month (!) to develop. Great results!

Day To Night, Jerusalem

(all photos © Stephen Wilkes

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

>> Artistic: Creative Video PLUS Floral Headpiece

Check out this creative video concept from our NYC friends Vidi Vici TV. We think it is really original and we would like to have a floral headpiece like the one in the video as well! You know, for special occasions.. :) The name of the band is P3CULIAR and this is the 2nd single off their debut album 'Role-Play'. Take a look if you like independent artists, it's really a different kind of video. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

>> Attention All Pug Lovers: This Is Quite The Bag!

We just can not decide if this is the most thrilling bag/clutch/purse we have ever seen - or the opposite.. Yet, however we look at it, there is one thing we are not able to do - and that is: ignoring its existence! So we felt compelled to share this masterpiece of elegance and style with you! We have found it on eBay but unfortunately, all 2 of 2 bags have now been sold. If you are ever so inclined and a pug lover at heart, here is the link to the seller anyway. :D

(photo via SunshineFair)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

>> Emma Watson at the #HeForShe Campaign 2014

Seriously Hermione this speech was like WHOA! :D When we first read that Emma Watson would give a speech regarding gender equality for the #HeForShe campaign of the United Nations, we thought it was a good idea. What we didn't know, was how moving, direct and true the words of the British actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador would be. She really delivered a thoughtful collection of points and made a strong statement. So young, yet so eloquent! Guys, this is for you too! It is about how we should all be there for each other and why it is important, to speak up when it is needed. Congratulations and respect for this moving performance - it takes courage. Check out the full length speech in the video above.

Monday, 22 September 2014

>> Aww: Adorable Shots of Puppies Under Water

Hello readers! It is a brand new week.. If you would not already know us as the innovative and surprising blog - we would surely be known as: The Daily Puppy! Why? Because we have a big, soft spot in our hearts for everything furry. It is something, award-winning photographer Seth Casteel, can probably relate to. He started his career, by taking professional photos of shelter dogs. Thanks to him, many of them have found new homes.

His career has progressed further and his latest project, is the book 'Underwater Puppies' which contains amazing photographs of dog babies during their first swim and often very first experience with (under) water. You may have heard of Seth before, because the best-selling book 'Underwater Dogs' was his creation as well. Click here to see more of his work, or show him some love on instagram.

(all photos © Seth Casteel)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

>> Mood Swings? Try This Color Changing Nail Polish

And we thought we were cool with our mood ring when we were 13.. But color changing jewelery is nothing, compared to a nail polish that will change its shade based on your feelings - or better - your body temperature. Does it turn dark when we get upset and flirty red in romantic moments? :D Only someone who already owns it can know that. We assume, it will only change within the range of color you can already see, when you buy the bottle. Imagine, your Boyfriend would always know, when it is the best time to approach you, just based on your fingertips! :D Fiction or reality? We are not sure but would give it a try, if we see it in a shop. Currently, In The Mood is only available in the United States. To see how it works, watch this:

(photo and video ©

Monday, 15 September 2014

>> Technology: The Worlds First 3D-Printed Car

Jay Rogers and the team of Local Motors

You and I knew, that it was only a matter of time until somebody would attempt to 3D-print a fully functional car! Well it is 2014 and THAT TIME has now arrived. Jay Rogers and the team of his Arizona-based company Local Motors made it happen! In a total of only 44 hours, they printed all the necessary parts and put them together at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in front of hundreds of interested witnesses. The 2-seater was named 'Strati' which means 'layer' in Italian and looks to us like a XXL Playmobil car. (in a good way :) See the fascinating video of its production below or read a full length interview with Jay Rogers on this project and the future of auto manufacturing at If someone could print us a silver one.. that would be AMAZING, thank you.

(photo and video via

Saturday, 13 September 2014

>> Campers - You Are So Going To LOVE This!

If you are reading our Blog on a regular basis, you are probably an adventurer! :) Good! If camping is one of your favorite activities, we have got some great news for you: The invention of 'the anywhere bed' or Cot One. This genius product by Helinox, is with a total of 2 kg a very light weight to carry around. It is easy to build and can hold a person of up to 150 kg! So after a long day of hiking and kilometer long walks through the forest, this could be your ticket to a good night of comfortable sleep. For more info click HERE.