Thursday, 20 November 2014

>> Wild Creatures - Made Out Of Old Farm Scrap Metal!

John Lopez, is a South Dakota-based sculptor with a love for all things wild, wild west! Old metal, that other people throw away, he is using to create beautiful art. John's website describes, how he has 'found a way to merge two art forms into a new hybrid sculpture of everyday objects mixed with limited edition bronze castings'. 

Lopez, who grew up on a ranch, was already a successful bronze sculptor, when he started experimenting with iron out of necessity. Influenced by his up-bringing he created these amazing life-sized sculptures. John has definitely made a name for himself in the art world, as his work is spread across the US. To see his portfolio click HERE!

(all sculptures + photos © John Lopez)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

>> Memories Of East Germany: 25 Years After The Wall

25 years ago the Berlin Wall came down. I thought I should use the opportunity, to write about what it was like to be born into and live in East Germany, while the wall was actually still standing. Read it here now: An eye-witness account of life, in the east part of Germany.

I was born in a small town in Sachsen-Anhalt, near Leipzig (where Goethe studied law in 1765) into a loving family. My parents had regular jobs. My mom was cooking for children in a daycare center and my dad did something like construction work. Around 30.000 people used to live in my hometown. It was a time, when free speech was not exactly appreciated. Everything was already planned out for you and you did not have any options or a say in it. Some of the daily problems were, that we did not have fruits. Rarely did somebody come to sell bananas on the market. You had to get in line (so long it covered the whole market place) to get 1 kg of bananas. 1 kg for 1 family, not more. Strict rules, but hey BANANAS! We also did not have any of the toys that were so popular in that time, mid 80's. We did not have Barbie, but we had the substitute, her East German sister Petra! :)  

November 2014 Brandenburger Tor, Berlin 
photo by Michael Sohn (AP)

There were quite a few things around, that had been a copy of something from the west, that we just could not get. I still remember there was this store, where you could buy West German products, if you happened to have Deutsche Mark (the west currency) - the Intershop! We only went there to gaze at the nice things they had to offer, but were not really able to buy anything. My childhood was great regardless. What we did not have in materialistic things, we got in love and support within our family. 

I am just writing this article today, because I feel like nobody is giving the East Germans a voice, especially in international media. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

> Must See: Funny Lip Art Creations By Laura Jenkinson

This Lady has got some skills! No, we are not talking about a fancy new way to apply an average lipstick - we are talking about some serious 'Lip Art'. Professional Make-Up artist Laura Jenkinson is based in London and it makes her happy, to make you happy by creating those colorful and funny images.

Laura is using her own face as the canvas and is investing a lot of time, to portray the chosen motifs as accurate as possible. She has found her niche in the highly competitive field of make-up art and her instagram account has gathered more than 160.000 fans already. Go there now to see more of her work.

(lip art and photos © Laura Jenkinson)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

> Yes, The S Club 7 Reunion Has Happened! See It Here:

Yes, it really happened! Yesterday, the seven original members of the extremely popular 90's band S Club 7 came together for the first time in more than 10 years. The band re-united for a good cause, the 'Children In Need 2014' campaign. Ok, ok we are not British but the S Club phenomenon was a worldwide one, so they have been on TV constantly in Germany too. 

When we did a little research on what the members have been up to, we found Tina Barrett's solo efforts most interesting. Check out her video for 'Making Me Dance' below. All in all we have to say, that some of the members barely changed.. And they still remember their whole routine from back in the day!! Aww - nostalgia. Watch it now to bring it all back.


Tina Barrett 'Making Me Dance'

Friday, 14 November 2014

>> Hilarious: Fluff Up Your CV With The Help Of This!

Sometimes, it is not what you say but HOW you say it. You may have done many things in your professional or personal life but let's be honest - your CV or resume (as it is more commonly called in the U.S.) needs some fluffing up! It needs some acceleration, like this:

With the help of Résumé Speak, you can blow up the most simple tasks you have completed, to make them sound like great achievements. We do not know if it will actually help you getting a job - as unfortunately only contacts really do, but it sure is exceptional! :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

>> Interior Design: Some Of The Coolest Stairs Around!

Stairs are a wonderful thing! They can be simple, just a necessity really OR they can be the STYLISH eye catcher - the center piece of the house. The ones we are showing you here today, definitely belong to category number two. They are colorful, bold and different.

Stairs can do so much more, than just getting you from one floor to another. They can create a certain atmosphere or be a library/fun park including a slide. If we have now sparked your interest, find more staircase concepts on Who needs a lift, when you can have stairs like this?

(all photos via

Friday, 7 November 2014

> Avant-Garde Theatre: A Very Russian Day At The V&A

Vladimir Tatlin: Costume Designs for the Archers for the Life for the Tsar (unrealised), 1913-15. Pencil, India ink and gouache on cardboard. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, Moscow

'Russian Avant-Garde Theatre: War, Revolution & Design' is the name of an exhibition, that is currently on display at the V&A in London. From 18.10.2014 until 25.01.2015, you have the opportunity to see more than 150 radical designs for theatrical productions by well-known figures of the Russian avant-garde. All the pieces, have been created between 1913 and 1933, an important time for Russian theatre. The majority of these designs, are being seen for the first time in the UK.

Alex Khvostenko-Khvostov: Set design for Mystery-Bouffe: 
A Heroic, Epic and Satirical Depiction of Our Epoch produced at the Heroic Theatre, Kharkov, 1921. Pencil, gouache, collage on cardboard. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, Moscow

When we went there, Russian music was playing and all the walls were dark red! It was impressive, considering that a lot of these pieces were revolutionary and risky to produce, in the time they have been created. If you want to see these original drawings, movie posters and miniature theatre set designs before they go back to Moscow, you should plan a visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum soon. PS. Cultural experiences like a museums visit, are free in London. You're welcome!

Set model for Mystery-Bouffe, 1938

(all photos ©

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

>> Brilliant: Disney Oil Paintings - You Read That Right!

'Cinderellas's New Day'

Oh what we have found for YOU today! Las Vegas based artist Heather Theurer, is not just a big Disney fan and a mother of five, she is also a very gifted painter. Like we're in a different time.. These enchanting oil paintings take us way back, to an era, dominated by artists that still put a lot of effort, months and maybe even years into their craft.

'The Elegant Warrior'

'Ohana Means Family'

Based on her biography, Heather's paintings are 'the product of decades of observation of people, of environments, of animals and of textiles.' She has her own website, where you can see all the things she has been working on. Her artwork is also featured on Go there now, if you have the intention, to call one of her original motifs your own. Magical!

'Her Father's Daughter'

(all artwork © Heather Theurer)