>> Product Reviews - This Is Hilarious

Not only are these reviews extremely entertaining, we have also had no idea you can get THAT kind of stuff at amazon.com. Check out a gallery with the funniest buyer comments on some of the strangest products you can find online, put together by marketwatch.com

Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk 
by Go Office 


“It’s OK Iguess, but the bumpy road majkes it hard to type. And theree’s a lot of pedeestrians and traffic that keep distracting me fromm my computer.” — John Meinken  


“I love emailing the Highway patrol while I drive to let them know the tag numbers of cellphone using drivers.” — Min Byong Chang

“I’m using it right now to post this review and I never” — Michael McCollough 

 (photo via AutoExec/Amazon)


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