>> These Animals Are Unheard Of!

This is not photoshop - it is a Gerenuk

For the most part definitely, or when did you last see a raccoon dog? On KnowledgeSalad.com you can find a list of 10 rather rare animals, including these 3 candidates here. The Gerenuk is a long-necked species of antelope found in the desert of Africa. 

 Just your average neighborhood Raccoon Dog

The Raccoon Dog or Magnut, lives in East Asia and likes to climb trees. His name is based on his resemblance of the raccoon.

the Maned Wolf

And last but not least: the Maned Wolf! Or the long legged fox as I would like to call it. :) He is the largest canid of south Africa and can be found in central-west and south-eastern Brazil. 

If these animals have sparked your interest, follow the link below, to see even more amazing curiosities that mother nature has put together.

(photos via knowledgesalad.com)


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