>> Store Opening: David's Bridal

Yesterday, US Bridal and formal wear brand David's Bridal, opened its doors at Westfield, Stratford City in London. Not just because 'Bridesmaids' is one of our favorite movies, we went there to take a look at the beautiful gowns and to have a cupcake or two. :) In case you have missed it - here are some pictures:

Editors Pick: We have found our favorite early!

some sparkling tiaras for you to choose from

you can also find bridesmaids & cocktail dresses there

those cupcakes were seriously delicious..

If you are a Bride-to-be, need some assistance in preparing for your big day or if you are looking for a dress to attend another special occasion, you can find David's Bridal at Westfield, right next to the Stratford tube stop. It is possible to just walk in, but you can also book an appointment just to make sure. Find more information at DavidsBridal.co.uk

 view of the David's Bridal store window

(all photos © IBreakTheNews.com)


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