> Wildlife Photographer of The Year 2013

 'Essence Of Elephants' by Greg du Toit (South Africa)
Winner Animal Portrait/
Wildlife Photographer of The Year 2013

It looks like we are regularly reporting about something that is happening at the Natural History Museum in London. Well rightfully so, because many exciting things happen there!  From 18 October 2013 until 23 March 2014 you can visit the 'Wildlife Photographer Of The Year' exhibition. It includes a total of 100 prize-winning, extraordinary nature photographs.

'The Flight Path' by Connor Stefanison (Canada)
Winner Eric Hosking Portfolio Award

Ever the nature fans, we are amazed by these images! If you want to know more, Telegraph.co.uk has a gallery of 10 of the award winning photos in their respective category. There, you can also learn about the photographers and the story behind each picture. If you would like to attend the exhibition in person, you can also book tickets online directly from the Museum Of Natural History website.

'Mothers Little Head Full' by Udayan Rao Pawar (India)
Winner 11-14 years/
Young Wildlife Photographer of The Year 2013


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