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If we find something on the web that excites us - we want to share it with you on IBreakTheNews.com right away! What we have found today, is nothing short of AMAZING!! You love to travel but still did not get the chance to go to all of the places you have always wanted to see? Visit this website if you have a few hours to spare, to see the worlds most famous sights.

Le Louvre - Paris

At Arounder.com - 'The World At Your Fingertips' you can virtually visit the most popular destinations anywhere. Pick Paris for example and choose between various locations like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Montmartre. High quality images and a 360° view make it possible for you, to see historic places up close without any long flights or tourist-clogged attractions. :)

Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn - NYC

We have spent quite some time on the virtual travel site ourselves and our top destinations so far are Sydney, Rome and Paris. Berlin is good too. Since we are London based, of course we have to point out, that you can see the British capital as well. As always, for these type of virtual tours we recommend using a laptop and viewing the site FULL SCREEN.

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche - Berlin

(all photos © Arounder.com)


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