>> Rare Sight: The Albino Kangaroo

What is this cute, furry, bright white, little object standing there in the Australian outback you ask? Answer: It is a rare Albino Kangaroo. In opposite to its dark conspecifics, this little fellow has a reduced amount of melanin in its eyes, skin and fur. But what makes it special, is also causing a great amount of danger because the Albino Kangaroo can be spotted by predators easily. It also has a tendency to get a sunburn.. The one on these photos, is living in the Namadgi National Park in Australia and has already achieved the (for this rare type) great age of two, despite its hassles..  Read more about it and see additional pictures at The Sydney Morning Herald.  We for our part, think this little jumper is adorable and wish for it to have a long and happy life!

(photos © Rohan Thomson via SMH.com.au)


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