>> Social Media: Being Alone - Together?

Can Social Media be a substitute for real friends, honest conversation and a true connection to family? Does it improve our lives or actually just pretend to solve our problems - first and foremost the feeling of being alone and unheard? Wouldn't we be better off, replacing short, edited texts by deep, real life conversations and connections? "The Innovation Of Loneliness" by Shimi Cohen, is taking a critical look at this matter.

His video, was inspired by Sherry Turkle's TED Talk "Connected But Alone". There, the Sociologist suggests that relationships and our self image, are only available in edited form online. That some people do not know how to hold a real conversation anymore, because it is happening in real time and doesn't give them the opportunity to cut certain stuff out. Now, before you agree and put your phone away forever - watch both clips here to shape your own opinion, we suggest! :) 

(image via SocialMediaToday.com)


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