> And The Top 10 Baby Names Of 2013 Are:

A baby name is something that should be well thought through. But before we give you the Top 10 of 2013 we also want to mention some very 'specific' name choices. So was the name 'Butt' given to 3 babies in 2010. Don't get us wrong we would laugh about it too if it was our name.. - but only until Kindergarten. :/ If you want to know more about name disasters click HERE. More friendly to our ears - check out the most common and popular names of the year:




    PS. We have just recently (2 days ago) heard about the existence of the name 'Yvonnick' for a guy. That is unheard of and almost unbelievable - yet true! We have googled it. Men with this name exist - we still can't get over it! Editors note: Once the time for our family planning will come, we can assure you, that name won't be on the list! :) And by the way, don't you agree - Jacob is soo Twilight!

    (source: BabyCenter.com & photo Evan Kafka/Getty Images)

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