>> Shh!! 9 Secrets To Live A Longer Life!

This is interesting - this is useful - so why not share it with our readers! Together with the Blue Zones team of scientists and the researchers from National Geographic, American educator, author and professional speaker Dan Buettner discovered 5 places where people measurably live longer. You can read all about their research results in 'The Blue Zones - 9 Power Lessons For Living Longer.' For now, we just want to list the simplified version of the 9 valuable lessons Dan identified, in connection with a longer life:

1. Keep moving
Find ways to move naturally, such 
as walking and gardening, 
using fewer laborsaving devices.
2. Find purpose
And pursue it with passion.
3. Slow down
Work less, rest, and take vacations.
4. Stop eating …
… when you're 80 percent full.
5. Dine on plants
Eat more veggies and less meat and 
processed foods.
6. Drink red wine
Do it consistently but in moderation.
7. Join a group
Create a healthy social network.
8. Feed your soul
Engage in spiritual activities.
9. Love your tribe
Make family a high priority.

(photos & info via NationalGeographic.com)


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