>> The Ones To Watch: Gustavo Silva Nuñez

TALENT ALERT: It is another creativity filled Sunday here on IBreakTheNews.com. The multi-talented artist we want to introduce to you today, is Venezuela based painter and musician Gustavo Silva Nuñez. We have just recently discovered his work and are simply amazed by it! His paintings seem so real, it is almost like they are a photograph or film still.

It looks like Gustavo has perfected his technique and we know 1 thing for sure - if an artist is taking off his shirt because he is so PASSIONATE about his work, he is serious! WE LIKEY! :) Hopefully, his talent will get the recognition it deserves. See more of his art on Instagram and check out the band Punky Brewsters which he is supporting as a drummer, as well. 

(all artwork © Gustavo Silva Nuñez)


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