> Geeky Gadgets That Can Solve Problems!

Why didn't WE think of this first! Helpful Gadgets, every Geek will love. Well, we are glad SOMEONE came up with all of these fairly simple solutions to every day problems. How many times did you balance your glass on the tray, in the hopes of making it from the kitchen to the living room? Answer: Many, many times. You could have had it easier, with the cutting board/tray/glass holder combination above.

How many times did I burn my finger in the hopes of giving dinner a romantic touch? Many, many times. I could have just used this 'smart tea light votive'. Smart indeed. Or the attachable dressing holder! So simple - yet so hard to invent. :) If you like these ideas, you can find a whole page, dedicated to smart gadgets at BionicGoodies.com. We are just glad we came up with IBreakTheNews.com FIRST!! YES!

(photos via BionicGoodies.com)


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