>> Product Review: Logitech Mini Boom Box


When we first held the Logitech Ultimate Ears Mini Boom in our hands, we thought yes - it is a cute, stylish gadget. Little did we know, how powerful it really is. Connect it to your phone, iPad, iPod or laptop via Blue Tooth and get ready to be surprised! The sound quality is amazing. Small boom - HUGE sound! You would never expect, getting that kind of clear output from a small, relatively light weight (9.6 ounces) speaker. 

The bass is deep & sharp and you can get the ultimate club feel, within a matter of seconds after wireless connecting and turning the music up. This would be THE GIFT for the music lover in your life. Thanks to the battery power, you can keep it going for up to 10 hours. It is easy to carry the mini boom around, just keep it 50 ft. within reach of the sound source. Our conclusion: We love the mini boom and are moved by its tremendous sound quality.


(photos via UltimateEars.com)


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