>> It's ON Like Donkey Kong! Epic Lip Sync Battle: Emma Stone Vs. Jimmy Fallon!

It's Friday, Friday.. gotta get down on Friday! The weekend is coming up and it's time for you to get in the right mood for it.. That's why you should watch this! Why do we like Emma Stone so much? Because she is up for ANYTHING! Really ANYTHING! The actress, currently starring in 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' (which could have easily been named 'The Even More Amazing Spiderman' :) knows how to rock the crowd! In a lip sync battle, Emma recently went head to head with funny & nice Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. It was all about stage presence and performance skills! Since we like them both, it's hard to take sides. Who won?!? Well, check out the video of the whole thing, to find out! PS. Who says pale girls can't rap - anyway.. ;)

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