> The Ones To Watch: Original Photographer Laura Williams

This is creepy, this is good = This is creepy good! For some reason we think Tim Burton would love it. Like straight out of a magical forest, these gripping images will make you take a second look. The talented photographer who created them, is Laura Williams from Cambridge in the UK. We see great potential, and this is why we think Laura is one to watch

The artist, who is only 18 years old, had to experiment a bit to get to these bewitching self-portrait results. She said on her tumblr: 'A good trick I’ve found, is to focus on something where you plan to be standing (I often use a scarf or something), then go stand there and I use my remote to release the shutter.' Find prints of her work HERE or like Laura on FB. Spooky!

(all photos © Laura Williams)

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