> Contest: And The WORST UK Holiday Photo Is

photo by Sally Boorman, Kent

Don't you know that too? That once in a lifetime moment, when you just have a few seconds to get it right.. a few seconds to capture that amazing point in time, which will never happen like this again. It might be a family reunion, your child taking the first steps or a meeting with your favorite celebrity. You have only SECONDS.. And every so often - we get it completely wrong!

photo by V. Lambert, Kent

photo by E. Clamp, Sussex

Happens to me and probably happened to you. CheapHolidayLand.com had the great idea of holding a contest for 'The Worst UK Holiday Photo'. The winner is Sally Boorman, who had to wait forever in line at a theme park, just for her family to get a moment with Duffy Bear. She captured that moment - and won the contest. :) Congratulations! For the other top entries, click HERE.

photo by K. Burchill, Bristol

(photos via CheapHolidayLand.com)


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