>> Wow! These Speakers Run On Candlelight!

Romantic music PLUS candlelight but no power supply needed? Where can we sign up for that? The Pelty is a unique new concept speaker, which transforms thermal energy into electric energy. POWERED BY FIRE. A candle, based in the center of the handmade Italian glass, is producing the heat, which will be collected and converted into energy to play songs from your phone via Bluetooth. 

Now before you get too excited, know this: The Pelty is an interesting concept but not on the market yet. In fact, its inventors are currently trying to raise the necessary funds, to bring this little gadget to a shop near you. We would definitely be willing to check this product out, once it becomes available. If you want to get involved, click here to become a Pelty supporter.

(all photos © Pelty.it)


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