>> D-I-Y: How To Make The Perfect Smoothie!

Smoothie (def.) - 'a thick, smooth drink of fresh fruit made with milk, yogurt, or ice cream.' 

Refreshing, delicious and healthy. A smoothie is the perfect summer drink. When I had my first one in NYC, I became an instant fan! To me, a smoothie is a thick drink made with crushed ice, fruit juices and mostly also with parts of real, fresh fruits. It is healthier than coke and much more energizing than water or tea.

At many stores, smoothies are now available. The problem is - they mostly don't taste good because of the wrong ingredients. Once in a while I give it a try but the consistency is just watery. This is because often, shops are using thin, cheap fruit juices and ice cubes only. A real smoothie contains actual fresh, fruit pieces. The one you see below (bought in London) was not bad but very liquid. = £3.50 (ca. 6 $)

For the longest time, I wanted to buy a mixer a juicer or a blender. :) However you want to call it. I've always considered it a problem, that they are big, bulky, pricey and difficult to clean. 

On a HOT HOT summer day last week, I was (once again) annoyed by the expensive and bad smoothies in my area, so I finally decided, to get myself a mini blender. Small, sturdy and easy to use. Perfect! (£10 only!)

I bought some thick mango juice, bananas, cherries and a watermelon. Then I created my first DIY smoothie! It was a Mango Banana Smoothie or a Tropical Splash as I would like to call it! :) Ingredients: 4 ice cubes, 1 1/2 big cups of mango juice and 2 bananas. I am not exaggerating when I say, it was easily one of the best smoothies I've ever had - and that at my first attempt! It's all about the fresh fruit.

For the 2nd round, I've added some cherries. It was so good! Ever since I bought that blender, I have made 3-4 smoothies a day! Can anybody ever consume too many vitamines? I hope not! So here are the ingredients for the 2nd one: 4 cherries, 4 ice cubes, 1 cup of mango juice, 1 banana and a half cup of orange juice. This one I want to call Cherry Delight. I have yet to experiment with ice cream, yogurt or mint (mojito!). Probably next week.

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