>> Apps: Pay Your Restaurant Bill Via Phone!

Oh can you hear it.. it's the FUTURE - it is CALLING! :) Any long waiting time for your waiter is now up! Thanks to this new Tab App, we are not just at the point, where we can easily scan our items at the impersonal supermarket self-checkout, we evolved even one step further! Open Table, also known as Top Table in the UK, is offering a phone app which can replace a credit card or cold hard CASH payment. 

Participating restaurants (as of now, only in the United States) will accept your money via phone! How does it work? Install the app, make sure the restaurant is taking part, log-in, review your check in real time, add a tip and slide to pay! Your phone is basically directly connected to the Open Table system of the dining place. Ok, ok we'd give it a try or just get invited & observe, either way! :)

(photos © OpenTable.com)


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