>> Nature's Miracle: The Most Stunning Trees

144-year-old Wisteria in Japan by y-fu

Hello and welcome back to IBreakTheNews.com, your favorite, unpredictable Blog! :) If you are ready to take a 5 minute break from your hectic life, use the time, to glance at these ravishing trees! Nature and its creations are the most magical thing.

Avenue of Oaks in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 
by Lee Sosby

Trees are more than just decoration, they keep nature in balance. We have picked our 3 favorites already and if you are now eager to see even more of the photogenic oxygen producers, go to Lifebuzz.com to take in 16 of the most magnificent trees worldwide.

The 125-year-old Rhododendron in Ladysmith, 
British Columbia, Canada

(photos via Lifebuzz.com)


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