> Cool & Clever: Products To Save You Space

Honestly, would we ever bring you something that is not ridiculously cool? NO! Check out these products, that will not only help you solve a task, they will also occupy as little space as possible. For example, the lounge chair above or 'Sessel' as we say in German. You can not just hang out on it, you can also neatly store your DVDs in it. Very useful and extremely convenient!

Another intelligent solution, is  the ironing table that closes upwards into a cabinet with a mirror. Open it 10 minutes before you leave for an important appointment, to get your shirt wrinke-free last minute. For more astonishing examples, go to ColorsAndJoy.com now. PS. If you live in a tiny apartment, the chair below is what you and your guests must have been hoping for. :)

(photos via ColorsAndJoy.com)


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