>> Mood Swings? Try This Color Changing Nail Polish

And we thought we were cool with our mood ring when we were 13.. But color changing jewelery is nothing, compared to a nail polish that will change its shade based on your feelings - or better - your body temperature. Does it turn dark when we get upset and flirty red in romantic moments? :D Only someone who already owns it can know that. 

We assume, it will only change within the range of color you can already see, when you buy the bottle. Imagine, your Boyfriend would always know, when it is the best time to approach you, just based on your fingertips! :D Fiction or reality? We are not sure but would give it a try, if we see it in a shop. Currently, In The Mood is only available in the United States. To see how it works, watch this:

(photo and video © themoodpolish.com

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