>> Important Fact: Cats Can't Survive On A Vegan Diet

Something very alarming happened in Melbourne, Australia last year. Cat owners that were following a strict vegan diet, wanted their cat to live in the same way and only fed potatoes, rice milk and pasta to it.(!!) When the pet was brought to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital it was 'so weak, it collapsed.' Dr. Leanne Pinfield, the veterinarian who treated the feline, said it is important to know, that cats are true carnivores* and need meat to survive. The baby cat was given fluids via a drip, placed on a heat pad and fed meat to recover. The doc went on to say: "Concern for animal welfare has to include a biologically-appropriate diet, you can't force your ideology on the cat." We are glad, the kitten has been saved and just want to share this important information with all of you animal-friends out there. 

*Carnivore: 'meat eater' (Latin, caro meaning 'meat' or 'flesh' and vorare meaning 'to devour') is an organism that derives its energy and nutrient requirements from a diet consisting mainly or exclusively of animal tissue.

(source: heraldsun.com.au)

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