>> Innovation: Animal Lace 3D-printed Wall Sculptures

If you can 3D-print a car, then you can certainly 3D-print an elephant! But try creating such a sculpture, with a lace structure. This sounds tricky and it probably is! The concept for Animal Lace - 3D printed wall sculptures, came from the creative minds of Paris based artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques, two experts in the field of digital creation. 

These wall sculptures, can be illuminated with compact lighting and showcase graphical shadows on their surroundings. The material they are made of, is 3D printed polyamide finished with a glossy white paint. Another great invention by the two digital creators, is a lamp that will cover your walls in lace: A Lace Lamp! For more infos on their work, click HERE.

(all artwork & photos © LPJacques.com)


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