>> Brilliant: Disney Oil Paintings - You Read That Right!

'Cinderellas's New Day'

Oh what we have found for YOU today! Las Vegas based artist Heather Theurer, is not just a big Disney fan and a mother of five, she is also a very gifted painter. Like we're in a different time.. These enchanting oil paintings take us way back, to an era, dominated by artists that still put a lot of effort, months and maybe even years into their craft.

'The Elegant Warrior'

'Ohana Means Family'

Based on her biography, Heather's paintings are 'the product of decades of observation of people, of environments, of animals and of textiles.' She has her own website, where you can see all the things she has been working on. Her artwork is also featured on DisneyFineArt.com. Go there now, if you have the intention, to call one of her original motifs your own. Magical!

'Her Father's Daughter'

(all artwork © Heather Theurer)


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