>> The Individual Home: Design Your Own Rug at WovenGround!

As a creative person, I like all things original and colorful. That is also the case for my home! I like it to have a positive vibe and warm atmosphere, when I arrive at mi casa after a long day at work. At the end of last year Wovenground.net stopped my belief that I never win anything. Hm, maybe a decade ago I won a few CD's at a radio quiz but that is about it, oh and Robyn at Jimmy Fallon tickets in NYC - that was cool!

But back to the story.. so I followed the fancy Rug website on Twitter and won a gift voucher! I was allowed to choose my favorite WovenGround rug. Hint: It is on one of these photos. It arrived super quick and I was amazed by the quality. The best carpet I have ever owned! But this dear readers, is just one reason why I want to recommend this site. See for yourself. If you like a welcoming, cozy home - it is for you too!

(all images © Wovenground.net)

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