>> Interior Design: Spotlight On Extremely Cool And Unusual Tables!

La Luna by Liana Yaroslavsky

One thing for sure: A meeting on one of these tables is going to be everything BUT boring! We like creative people who put a different spin on objects we use every day. Tables can not only be useful but could also be exciting to look at. We have picked our 5 favorite examples for you, to be impressed by!

The Amethyst Table by Lawrence Stoller

The Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy 

 The Leaf Table by John Makepeace

Every Hobbit would love to have an indoor picnic on the grass table, every astrophysicist would probably be thrilled to sit down next to the 'moon'. It is important to us to include the names of the designers since they have put a lot of effort into the creation of these pieces. Take a look and be amazed!

PicNYC Table by Haiko Cornelissen

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