>> Scarcity To Extinction: Sadly These Things Might Be Gone In 5 Years!

African Elephant - photo by Doug88888

It makes us so upset that somewhere in another part of the world more than 30.000 Elephants get killed by ruthless  hunters only for their ivory tusks every year. It makes us feel so helpless because we want to do something to rescue the elephants. For some information on what is going on at the moment and options to help we found this: savetheelephants.org.

Chocolate - photo by  Denis Kuschter

A life without chocolate - oh what a nightmare it would be. There comes a time in every woman's life when chocolate is an absolute MUST!! And yes, many men love chocolate too. Based on the dry weather conditions around the Ivory Coast - cocoa plants' country of origin - a scarcity is expected to hit in the next few years. This or because I ate most of the available chocolate myself already. My apologies.

Aged Whiskey - photo by Amy Lloyd

Aged Whiskey is the IN Drink of the moment and because the manufacturers make a big secret out of the amount that is still stored in their big barrels, we will potentially run out of it in about 5 years. Personally we would be more affected by a shortage of Baileys but want to declare our solidarity with the whiskey drinkers around the world. Get your old whiskey while you still can but remember - drink responsibly.

US Postal Service - photo by Ron Doke

The traditional US Postal Service is slowly on its way out it seems, because more and more new independent delivery companies are popping up left and right. USPS are continuously trying to cut costs and thousands of jobs are on the line in the next few years. They are even thinking about not delivering letters on Saturdays anymore.

South African Rhinos - photo by Country of South Africa

Sad but true, these gentle giants might be something your grandchildren will never be able to see. The barbaric method of 'poaching' describes the process hunters use to remove the rhino horn. Unfortunately, there is a not-proven believe that these horns have some medical power. We are against any form of hunting and killing animals. Find out what you can do to Save The Rhino.

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