>> London: Books On The Underground - Find It - Take It - Read It - Repeat!

Hello again dear readers, thanks for stopping by at IBreakTheNews.com on this rainy Sunday! There is a huge raincloud outside of my window as I type this. But that does not bother me much because I am writing to you, from this freshly renovated room! Today's topic are books - books you can potentially find in the tube to be exact. If you live in London you have probably developed a sincere dislike of anything that has to do with the tube or underground as it is also called. It is a crowded, super narrow space, people are rude and if you could, you would skip it all together. But you can not cause you won't take the bike because you have read in the always negative newspaper that this would be basically suicide. So you get on the train every morning. You expect nothing but the worst. Me too. :)

Lately I am listening to my favorite music during my trip and I don't even pick up any of the daily papers. If you like a positive mindset I recommend you do the same, because sometimes ignorance really IS BLISS. So the other day, on my way home, I entered the tube and there it was! In between all of the people: A brand new book with no owner is sight, placed on an otherwise empty tube seat! I looked around, people just moved it out of the way and in front of the window because they wanted to sit.. The curious person that I am.. I grabbed the book to find out what this was all about. The front sticker says Books On The Underground 'Take this book, read it, then leave it for someone else to enjoy.' So I took it!

When I researched this online, I found out that this project is going on for a while now and books have probably been traveling through London by themselves since as early as 2012. I have also found this explanation: 'Books on the Underground is as simple as it sounds. Books travelling around the London Underground network waiting to be read. Think of us as your local library, but without the late fees. Just be sure to put them back when you've finished.' There is a Twitter account associated with it as well. Check: @BooksUndergrnd if you are interested. The book I have found is called 'The Amber Fury' by Natalie Haynes and it even came with a personal letter by the author herself! That is pretty cool I think. I have already started reading it and this post, is to make you aware of the fact, that you too could have 1 nice experience on the tube!

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