>> London: Adventures In Camden Town - Delicious Turkish Food, Boats And Old Statues!

'St. Pancras Lock' near Camden Town

Hello lovely readers! How about some local content on this London based News blog? Sounds like a good idea? Yeah, we thought so too! So last week, we went on a trip to Camden Town. Easily reachable with the Northern Line, this borough is mostly famous for its talented songstress Amy Winehouse as well as many live music offering pubs and the local market, called Camden Lock. There you can find interesting, unique and mostly handmade products.

'Chicken Shish' at 'The woody Grill' near Camden Town Station

Kissing Couple statue.. are they saying Hello or Goodbye?

Hidden Beer Garden you will find, while walking along the canal

So first we went to a local Turkish restaurant. The food was very good and the dish you see on the photo above, is called 'Chicken Shish' - grilled chicken with rice and salad. The friendly staff also additionally served us bread and hummus. Then, we went for a walk along the canal which leads right up to Kings Cross station. There are a few old statues, like the wondering man or the kissing couple below the big clock. Go there to find out what he is looking at!

Kings Cross station, what is the wondering man looking at..

(all photos © IBreakTheNews.com)

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