>> Discover Japan From A Cat's Perspective - With The Street View Map For Cats!

Why shouldn't a cat have the option to find the best spots in the city, online? :) This is obviously what the Hiroshima tourism board thought, when they decided to create a Google Street view style tool especially for our curious and fluffy, feline friends. Questions like: 'Where is the best free food lying around' and 'where can I meet up with my furry buddies', will be answered here.

Hiroshima prefecture has designed the cat's eye street map. If you try it out, you will encounter ca. 8 cats during your stroll through Onomichi city, which is located about 70 km from Hiroshima. Using 360-degree cameras at a low height, made it possible to experience life from a different angle - from a cat's point of view! More locations and details will be added later this year. Purrfect.

(all photos © Cat Street View)

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