>> Chocolate: I Was Like OMG They Have 3 New M&M's Christmas Flavors In The US!

Apparently, I'm in the wrong country.. because here it will probably be rather difficult to get my hands on the three new limited edition M&M's  flavors 'Hot Chocolate', 'White Peppermint' and 'Cafe Mocha', which have just been released in America. As a special treat for the upcoming Christmas season, you can find them at your local Walmart and Target.

Hot Chocolate comes in white and brown M&M's, White Peppermint in red and white and Cafe Mocha will delight you in the Christmas colors green and red. I had the intention, to eat less chocolate because for some reason my clothes are getting tighter.. but I realize this time of the year is not the ideal starting point. Maybe we are lucky and can try them here in London too.

all photos © Mars

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