>> All About #Disney. Movie News: Flash says: Zootopia - Is - A Lot - Of - Family - Fun!!

Movie recommendation alert! If you should have missed out on Zootopia so far, you should go and see it now. It is an uplifting and clever film that includes a lot of family fun. The story evolves around the ambitious, young rabbit Judy Hopps, who has always dreamed of and later worked hard on becoming a police officer. She has to overcome many critics and obstacles along the way.. Will she succeed?

Why are there so many cases of missing animals in the city and what are the real intentions of Nick the Fox? Our personal favorite is Flash the Sloth - watch the movie and/or trailer to find out why.. Perfectly timed for Easter, the name of Disney's latest animated gem is Zootopia, Zoomania or Zootropolis, depending on your geographical location. In cinemas now - available mostly everywhere.(if you are lucky they still have it in 3D!)

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