>> Music News: We Looove #Coldplay - And There Are So Many Reasons Why!

'Parachutes' 2010 Coldplay album

Ok, music fans get ready because we can not hold back this article any longer (it is also overdue since a while) and you need to know that we   LOOOVVE Coldplay. We might even go as far as saying we as human kind NEED Coldplay. We love the thoughtful deep lyrics of heir melancholic and sad songs just as much as the catchy melodies of their rather light compositions that are able to lift us up (and up!) time and time again.

We admire their clever videos not only since recently. Remember 'The Scientist'? Coldplay to us are the modern day Beatles and we can say this because this is our Blog and we make decisions around here.. :) Of course we are aware that they collaborate with many other talented, creative individuals to achieve these results, so we want to extend our admiration to them as well. Now please check out their latest video for the song: 'Up & Up'. 

Besides bringing us beautiful music and inspiring and thoughtful videos, what we also like about Chris Martin and co. is that they seem to be extremely down to earth and normal in conversations and interviews. They are approachable and say things we can relate to. By using this platform, we want to break the tradition of only talking about great people once they are gone. Because Coldplay are here and we would like to tell them right now just how amazing they are!

Coldplay art  © Aditz Prasetya

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