>> Emma Watson Is As Magical As You Would Imagine In Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast'

Hello everybody. Positivity is what this Blog is all about and if there is a new Disney movie on the horizon, we might as well report about it. 'Beauty And The Beast' received a high tech update recently! The lovely Emma Watson aka Hermione aka UN Women Goodwill Ambassador is going to take on the leading role of Belle, while 'Downton Abbey' actor Dan Stevens will star as the fluffy, yet scary beast. Luke Evans will embody the vain villain Gaston.

Honestly, Christmas would be the perfect release date for this movie we think, but we have to wait until the 17th of March 2017 for this re-imagining of an absolute classic to hit the big screen. The trailer looks promising, dark, enchanting and filled with the latest visual effects. You know, we would recognize these 'Twilight' werewolves anywhere and they make a cameo too. We are truly looking forward to see this film in 3D!

all images © Disney

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