>> Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner & Forest Whitaker - This Is Our #ARRIVAL Review!

Movie News - We just saw ARRIVAL! So let's dive straight into it: Amy Adams is Louise, a linguist (language expert) who is being recruited by the military to get in touch/communicate with the residents of one of 12 enormous spaceships, which recently landed at random spots across the globe. They call the unknown visitors 'Heptapods' because of their 7 tentacle like 'arms'. Alongside Jeremy Renner, who is also an expert in his field and Forest Whitaker who works for the military and hired her in the first place, she is trying to decode the symbols and sounds these aliens use in their pursuit to communicate with us, the humans.

Throughout the movie Louise is experiencing 'visions' and at certain points it is unclear if these envisioned scenarios happened in the past or if they will take place in the future. This mystery sci-fi thriller is visually compelling and very well executed. Amy Adams is an outstanding actress, strong and intelligent yet vulnerable and inquisitive. There were a few 'dream within a dream' moments, reminiscent of 'Inception'. And just like with this movie, when it is over you're probably like: 'Wait, what?!' There are several theories about the ending, but you might want to watch it twice to form your own opinion about it. Definitely worth the trip to the cinema!

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