>> News Video: Google's Year In Search - This Is What You Wanted To Know In 2016!

Hallo dear readers! The year is coming to an end and here is a short video to briefly sum it up for you. Google also compiled a list of the top worldwide searches once again. Many shocking and unexpected things have happened this year. Personally, I remember the day when Brexit occured, it was my last day at the office in London before I moved back to Germany. What a coincidence.

I was surprised but considering the mood in London, I knew there was a real possibility for it to happen. And so it did. We have lost some amazing artists and sports people, technology marched on and we are still far away from world peace. The US election captivated the world, so did the refugee crisis. Here are some of the results. For more go to Google's Year In Search 2016 directly.

1.Pokémon Go
2.iPhone 7
3.Donald Trump

1.US Election
4.Orlando Shooting
5.Zika Virus

1.iPhone 7
2.Freedom 251
3.iPhone SE
4.iPhone 6S
5.Google Pixel 

1.Stranger Things
3.Luke Cage
4.Game of Thrones
5.Black Mirror

1.Rio Olympics
2.World Series
3.Tour de France
5.Australian Open

2.David Bowie
3.Christina Grimmie
4.Alan Rickman
5.Muhammad Ali 


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