>> Cold Eh? My First Winter In Canada - Hibernation Mode: On

Hello dear readers! Happy 2018!! I hope you all had a good start. As you probably know by now, I have moved to Canada last year. So far I really like Toronto and even though new beginnings are always challenging if you have to make them, people are welcoming here. When my family first heard about my plans they said: Canada?!? Are you ready to endure the freezing cold winter they have over there? Also.. careful - they have Grizzlies!! 🐻 

But based on my previous experience abroad I thought, well how bad can it be? I have seen heavy snowfall before and going through the coldest season in Germany or the UK is not exactly mild either. But now that I am in the middle of my first Canadian winter, I know exactly what everyone was talking about and yes: It is FREEZING COLD! Not so much because of the snow, it is all about that icey wind - which makes your face numb!!😱

Ideally, I would go into hibernation mode during winter completely. Just staying in, watching some good movies until spring arrives, but this is not what I came here for. One obvious thing I have noticed, is that Torontonians love their Canada Goose jackets! It is like a status symbol.🤔 Well this German right here does not have one and my ..ehem.. 'look' is all about 3 layers.. and gloves. Update: Today we had tropical 6 degrees. This is unheard of..

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