>> TED Talk: Dollar Street - Take A Realistic Look Inside The Lives Of People Worldwide

Did you ever want to find out, what reality looks like for people in different countries? What food do they really eat, how does their home look like, what is their biggest dream, their income level and how do they make ends meet?  Anna Rosling Rönnlund co-founded the foundation Gapminder to promote a fact-based worldview. She invented the project Dollar Street, using everyday life photos as data to show us how people live, beyond country stereotypes and the primarily drastic images that news outlets provide. 

Based on these case studies, you can see that circumstances, income and lifestyle can vary quite substantially even within one country. You will also realize, how spoiled we are if we take electricity, clean water and food in an actually functional fridge for granted. For many people it is not the norm - but pure luxury. This educational project is ongoing and data is still being collected as we speak. I wanted to check out my home country of Germany but no information about it is available as of yet. If you want to know more, this way to >> Dollar Street.

all photos © Gapminder.org

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