>> Listen. Music News from Sweden! Our Love Song Of The Year. And the winner is: ✨ BOY IN SPACE - 7 UP ✨

Before the year is over we once again bring you some of the best music you ever heard! :D This time, the best love song of 2019 - in our humble opinion. So how in the world have I discovered this song? I was sitting at a Starbucks in London by myself during another busy and otherwise hectic day, just having a drink, thinking about life. I was all in thought when I heard the chorus and was like WHAT IS THIS?!? 😱 Also WHO IS THIS?!? So I asked the Barista to let me know, since Shazam is long gone from my phone as well. First attempt: 'I don't know it is someones personal playlist..'. So I searched Google up and down for this song based on parts of the lyrics.. No result.

Weeks later, I was already wondering if I will ever be able to find out - what if this was really just the playlist on someones phone - it happened again. Same place, around the same time. So I ran to the counter and bothered another Barista and this one went to the back and returned with a name: Boy In Space - 7 Up!!! This Barista is a hero to me. I owe you my gratitude. So now, I am able to share this emotional, real and super moving song with you.Written and performed by: Robin Lundbäck aka Boy in Space from Alingsås, Sweden. So much good music from Sweden always..

Here are some infos about Robin, taken from his bio:'I’m a Boy In Space. I’m scared of spiders. I have trust issues. I have a pug named Nala. I don't understand people that don't like chocolate ice cream. Sometimes I wish I could be normal. Most of the time I’m grateful that I’m not. My brain feels like a rollercoaster ride that never ends. My best songs I always write under one hour. Although my songs can be sad, I’m actually a pretty happy guy (most of the time). I wish I had a spaceship so I could fly to the moon and write a song looking down on Earth. My biggest dream is to create music that I love and share it with people I know will love it too.'

According to this talented singer and songwriter, '7 Up' is a song about love and how it is 'not easy'. Since the year is coming to an end we tend to analyse everything. I recently saw an interesting video about relationships. Often times when a relationship ends we feel like we have failed. And after that you just have enough of it. But there is another approach to that. What if we must get through some relationships as a learning and growing experience so we can figure out exactly what we want and never want again? As a natural progression. Logically thinking, you can never start at the top. You live, you give it a try, you learn. People develop. Sometimes into completely different directions. And you have only failed if you never try again. DAMN I'M A POET! 

So what I am trying to say is this, if I still have some positive energy left after a year like this, so should you.. Forgive people. If you hold on to anger it will only be a burden to you. Sometimes they did not know better or had their own problems. This is exactly why it had to end. You had different future goals. Some people have no idea at all. Wish them well and be on your way. Next year I will most likely branch out into consulting because I want to help people. If I can. So I wish you a 🎆 Happy New Year 🎆. We are all in this together. And here is a quote by me, cause this is my Blog: Respect the past and know that you can create your own future. 😘

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