>> What To Do In Times Of Crisis? 🤔 Rule Number 1: Don't Consume The Media Hype. Give Yourself A Break..

Hey everyone, we hope you are all doing well. Yes, this is a News Blog but we are going to have a different approach on commenting on what is going on in the world right now, than 90% of all other news outlets. First of all we want to say that the 'news coverage' of covid-19 in our opinion is irresponsible and vile. If it is the TV, radio or online content, on pretty much every website - there seems to be no escape. Turn it off.. take a break.

If you are a person with a tendency to anxiety or stress, some news channels obviously want to take you out before this virus could  even potentially ever get to you. I'm not sure if there is something else going on that we are all supposed to be distracted from but this 'news coverage' (aka panic mode starter) does not help anyone. It does not inform or advise you in a calm and helpful manner.

We take the situation serious as well and will take precautions during this time but we will not stress you out. What we will do, is: Avoid crowds, have some basic food items for the next few weeks for less trips to the supermarket but mainly spend time at home until things calm down again. With this article we want to give you some helpful suggestions on how to spend your time during this isolation period. Somehow, we will all get through this together.

You can read books to learn about a certain subject or listen to an audiobook. There are several full length audiobooks available on youtube. Not everybody knows that. 🙂You are welcome! If you should have an online business, now is a good time to work on that because it is a productive thing to do. Video games are another option, believe it or not but you can learn strategic thinking from that. Spend time with your pets! 🐶 They need you. They love you.

You can write some notes or goals in your journal or start writing a book if this is what you always wanted to do. Every person has a different (life) story. Every one knows something the next person does not know. Maybe your story will encourage or inspire somebody. You can also call your family or a friend you have not spoken to in a while to show some interest in how they are doing. Netflix is a good idea too.. you can never get too much 'Stranger Things' Season 1. Be well and take a break from all the madness out there. 


  1. Yeah, it is absolutely disgusting how they phrase their sentences to incite panic, even when reporting on news that have no right causing panic in any way.



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