>> It's 2020 - And I've Just Found Out What A Fliteboard is! 🌊 It Is Like A Hoverboard But For Water 🌊

Hey everyone, I just came back from my short family trip to the baltic sea and I brought some news with me! While we were sitting on the beach (me trying hard to get a tan but I got more like a sunburn 🏖️) we saw a guy on a Fliteboard passing us by in the distance.. We were like: What is this thing?! So once I got back to my laptop, I googled flying surf board or something like that and there it was, listed on google shopping: The Fliteboard! 

This is the Fliteboard available in 3 different colors

A pricey gadget, probably for when you already have everything else. So I went on the website and found out it was invented by Australians a few years ago already and get this, on the website I also found the following quote: 'Described by Shopify founder Tobias Lütke as 'the most magical gadget on the planet', the boards sell for $15,950 in Australia.' So some people already know about this board for a while. I know about it just now!🌊

Matthew McConaughey is that you?!?

This whole thing reminds me of the time when I wanted a hoverboard but it never arrived so I got a refund and around that time hoverboards started exploding here and there so I was kind of glad I did not get one after all. But I would still take one as a gift! :) Don't get me wrong. I am curious to find out how a Fliteboard works and also how you can get back on it once you fall into the water. There seems to be a remote for it..🏄

On the website the Fliteboard is being described like this: 'No wind, no problem' could be the motto for two of Australia’s latest sports tech entrepreneurs, with Andrew Ross and David Trewern reshaping surfing one wave at a time. From something that can only be done in the right weather conditions at beaches with waves, surfing will become a year-round sport. Our custom designed waterproof handheld remote provides intuitive control. The display shows GPS speed, remaining battery power and time, energy used per kilometre.'

Having a Fliteboard only really makes sense, if you live near the beach and safe if you are a very good swimmer - just in case! It is somehow unreal, to see someone literally flying over the water like that. When technology is being applied to sports. Imagine taking this board to reach a boat nearby.. My main concern would probably be battery life because you do not want the battery to go to zero when you are way far out. We think, this is definitely an exciting invention! 💡

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