>> Turbulent Times: Here Are Some Important Words By Some Very Intelligent People

Hello everybody, welcome back. As you know by now, there are protests going on worldwide, initiated by the senseless and violent crime against George Floyd of Minneapolis. In turbulent times like this, all of us need thoughtful and decisive leadership. Since we already know, that we can not expect to get that from a Reality TV Show host, we need to turn to America's Late Night hosts instead. When times are uncertain and confusing, it is always appreciated to receive a summary of the latest events by Stephen Colbert.

Additionally, here is Trevor Noah's very open and real take, on what is happening right now. He has some really insightful thoughts to share. Good that we switched notifications on so we saw this video, right after it was released. We said it before and we say it again, Trevor Noah is making a huge impact since several years now and we think with his authenticity and ability to share the truth and important facts, even within a comedic setting, he will be mentioned in the history books. Keep it up Trevor!

 work by Eme Freethinker

Even before covid-19 and these protests, there were alarming signs regarding to which direction this is all headed. Big tech companies, our data and their  - allegedly - financially rewarding bond with the evil but powerful of the world. It is TIME to make a conscious decision to return to humanity, authenticity and to what really matters in life. The majority of people today is glued to their screens 24/7. It is the biggest mind f*ck in history. This is a personal opinion piece by the way. 

Stephen Colbert

Yet, on the upside, what big tech companies underestimate, is that besides the possibility of using these platforms to spread fake stories /information to manipulate people/voters (see previous post) it is also very easy for people to spread real events worldwide with a tap of a button on a phone screen. Don't forget that. Otherwise this crime would have never been exposed. That is the yin and yang of it all. In conclusion, if they utilize these tools for bad - we may as well utilize them for good and to make justice possible.

Trevor Noah


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