>> Hi 2021! Current projects: Graphic Design, E-commerce and Real Pearls! Launch of MissGatsby.com

Hello friends and readers of this blog!

Happy New Year to all of you. We somehow made it to 2021. How? I don't know either. I hope you are all doing good despite the current situation and get your 2021 goals outline ready. Personally, I feel a sense of relief but also based on all the things we had to go through lately and in 2020 - I feel like I need a hug.

Handmade pearl drop earrings 925 silver

If you know me at least a little bit and based on the posts on this blog you know by now, that I am a world traveler and someone who very much prefers to live and work abroad. Since this is not currently possible, I have used the home office time to execute 2 of my creative projects. 1 of them, I will introduce to you today.

I love hanging out in my fluffy teddy hoodies. I have watched several videos on how to be an elegant lady. They don't affect me. :D

MissGatsy.com is an online jewelry store. Only 100% authentic, real pearls and 925 silver are being used to create earrings, bridal gift sets and bracelets. We also offer custom made earrings and can put together pearls of different colors, shapes and sizes upon customer request. The result will be a unique pair of earrings, 1 of 1 in the world. Not available anywhere else. The perfect gift idea for a special occasion or for Mom on Mother's Day! 💐

What is clearly setting this store apart from others in the same field, is great and long lasting quality at reasonable prices. I like pearl jewelry myself a lot. It is an elegant addition to daily life. The stecker earrings are so simple they can be worn 24/7 at home or at work. And these pearls are real so they have that certain glow. I've had the idea for a store like this several years ago in London. Now, it is actually possible for me to operate this store and accept international orders.

When I think about my work career lately, I think about how amazing it would be to put my skills and experience behind a good and important cause. To make a difference. I don’t think we are here just to get by. I think we are here to figure out what our strengths are, honing these skills and then putting them to good use. I am about to figure out, how to combine this with the right location. But with remote work, it can be done from anywhere really. Even when I am not in a physical company office daily.

Miss Gatsby Blanc Stecker earrings

So that was a quick update from me. You can be very sure, that once traveling is possible again, I will be on my merry way! :D Until then, my creative projects will be executed some more. Also another update! If you still think all new technology and phone apps are good for you and your personal well being, get this: Someone in Germany invented an app where you can book somebody to go for a walk with you. Is this really what humanity has come to? In the meantime I am thinking about getting rid of my phone altogether.

This is the truth.


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