>> Social Media Is Bad For You - Protect Your Brain! An Eye-Opening Initiative By IBreakTheNews.com

Social Media is literally frying your brain. Your brain is a super sensitive organ. Protect it. And the 10+ nude ladies in your spam folder don't really want to meet up.

Social Media app notifications are bombarding your brain 24/7. Overwhelming it. Who cares if a stranger double tapped your photo after looking at it for 1 second. Enjoy the moment in real life - save it in your brain - live it.

839489293 notifications about irrelevant stuff all day. Protect your brain and your personal life. I silenced my whole phone. All brains must be protected, especially the entrepreneurial brain. 'No brain left behind' as my coach says! :)

I see that these days, as a tool to promote a business it is in many cases necessary to involve social media channels to reach the masses that are already there. 

But ones private life is too valuable and sacred to invite the whole world into it. This is where the meaning is. It needs to be protected.🙏

Also, the kids of most of the inventors/developers of these apps are NOT ALLOWED to use them. If this is not sending a clear signal, I don't know what is.
WhatsApp used to be a PRIVATE messaging application for private conversations with people you know and family. 
Until Facebook bought it too. To get to even the last persons data. You need to comply, open up your phone to it or you can not use it. They are relentless. What was once started to 'connect people' is now mainly a money making data collecting and selling machine. Your feelings and psychological well being is irrelevant to these social media giants. They don't care if you waste your life-time staring at a screen.

Your gadgets can't hug you.

Get back to real life, put your phone down, achieve your goals. Live your life in the real world. You have only 1. 

An initiate by IBreakTheNews.com


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