>> IBTN Audiobook Club: Elon Musk - From South Africa To Canada To The US. This Is How You Make It Happen! 🚀


Hello everyone and members of the IBTN book club! It was almost predictable that this book would come up here sooner or later. We just had to know, how it all started for successful entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk. He did not write this book and he initially was against it, being made.. 

But persistent journalist Ashlee Vance kept at it and even got Elon to be involved in the project eventually. He also interviewed several of his associates in the process of completing this book, to get their side of the story and their perspective on working with him in the past.

We find out a lot about Elon's humble beginnings in South Africa coming from an adventurous family, to his stop in Canada as an intern at a bank to his own entrepreneurial journey with several companies in the United States. I find it amazing, that this kind of information is available to us. 

So if you are an aspiring founder/developer yourself or if you just want to see how challenging the road to success was/is, you can read this book too! It is our book of the month. We've listened to the audiobook which is more than 11 hours long. Yes, we have persistence too! 😃 

Even though, it might not include ALL there is to the story, we consider this book to give a great insight to the inner workings of a unique, international success story (in the making). One thing for sure, he could have never made that happen in Germany. Let's be real.. 😊


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