>> 🍿Movie News: Action Overload Must-See! 🕷️Spiderman 'No Way Home' 🕸️ A Villain Meet-Up 🕸️

Hello there! Welcome back to your favorite Blog. Now that cinemas are open again (hopefully where you are too) it is time for an action packed evening. And the sweet popcorn I am so fond of! ☺️ Spiderman - No Way Home is in theatres now. Anything for a colorful distraction from our current reality as this year is coming to an end. Time for the best Spiderman actor so far - in our opinion. 

Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon 

Tom Holland and Zendaya are so cute together, while doing the promotional rounds with Jacob Batalon, who is Spidey's best friend Ned in the trilogy. No spoilers here but be ready for more than just your regular 1 villain appearance. This is like a super villain meet-up. For more and the whole story plus the final showdown, go see it now!🍿

all images © Marvel Studios


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