>> 2022 ✨Happy New Year To You! ✨ Check Out The Best Sceneries To Read And Relax To!✨


Welcome back my dear readers. We hope you had a great start of the new year. Where is the love? Where is the romance? You came to the right place because it is right here! Today we want to share some of our favorite atmosphere videos we have found on youtube with you. Sleeping on the shore of a lake in the mountains | Valley Water Sound

In many of these videos you will have Jazz in the background. As you might remember there was this big discussion about Jazz in La La Land. Personally I like it too, if it is uplifting and subtle. To me it really is the ideal background music to relax to. Smooth Piano Jazz Music - Cozy Coffee Shop - Background

This upload is for people who love the outdoors and camping. Since it is still not the season for that, why not listen to the rain pouring down. This one might make you relax to the point of falling asleep but we definitely wanted to include it. Sleep In The Tent On A Rainy Day

This one is for you if you love the beach and listening to some gentle waves in the background as you read, study or take a nap. If you have a living room like this, it must also be nice to watch the stars in the sky at night. Sleep While Listening To The Quiet Sound Of The Sea In The Attic

This list would not be complete without a lovely, cozy fireplace video. Here it is in combination with a noisy blizzard outside if you like being stressed and would generally love to extend the winter season. Blizzard Sounds in a Soothing Living Room | Snowstorm Sounds with Fireplace Crackling


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