>> Can't Wait For The New Season? Meanwhile There Is A Stranger 📺Things Pop-Up Store In NYC! 🔦


While we are impatiently waiting for the new season of 'Stranger Things' to arrive on Netflix, we are almost equally as excited about the Pop-Up store based on the show. For a limited time only, you can feel like you are back in the 80's in Hawkins, Indiana. If you are in NYC you can find the store at 7th Avenue and 42nd street. Right next to Times Square. Once you are there you can: sit on a retro bike, hear 80's songs, personalize your own Stranger Things items, walk through Will's chaotic living room, play some games at the arcade and even take a picture with the Demogorgon. We would probably just get a keychain or a hoodie but we would definitely take lots of photos for this Blog. Check out the video below for some impressions:

Live stream January 17 2022 by Live Walking NYC
Live Walking NYC

all photos © Stranger Things Store


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